Special Guest Speaker - Open House

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Begin 24-04-2017, 06:00
End 24-04-2017, 08:00
Closing date 24-04-2017, 05:00
Location 9145 Chesapeake Drive, San Diego, 92123, CA, USA
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Isabel Yang

Certified nutrition consultant, working primarily with a team of cutting-edge holistic practitioners to bring health and vitality to people all around the world. I started my own journey in nutritional health in 2008, and I now specialize in utilizing digestive health to help people overcome symptoms of physical and mental distress one "bite" at a time. I helped numerous people around the globe transform their bodies inside and out and change their relationship with food. My clients report looking younger and feeling more energized, but most importantly, I empower my clients to begin their own health journey, implementing lasting changes that benefit them for the rest of their lives.