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As an entrepreneurial business man, owning several businesses in my 40 years, I decided to join Saladmaster for the benefits of adding more health and part time money for my family. After 3 months I fell in love with the energy, proven systems and business model and made this my 100% focus for providing for my family.

Now my family is eating healthier than they ever have and I have more consistent income than I have ever had. My favorite part of working with Cooking 4 Life, saladmaster, is the unlimited personal growth and unlimited potential financial growth. Since working with the amazing company I have taken Tony Robins, Landmark Education and Millionaire mind intensive courses! All of which have made profound improvements in my personal and business life.

I believe Saladmaster is a vehicle that can give you whatever dreams you want for yourself and family.


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Saladmaster products are the only kitchen pots and pans that I use. Making tea with Saladmaster equipment on my wood-burning stove with spring water and wild herbs from the forest has provided me with experiences that come very close to being in heaven.
The quality and craftsmanship of these products are extraordinary. They radiate perfection and beauty.

The 316 TI surgical stainless steel used by Saladmaster in their products is the safest metal available and never outgases toxicity.
In all areas, including customer service, Saladmaster leads the field." 

 David Wolfe
www.davidwolfe.com, thebestdayever.com

Author of The Sunfood Diet Success System, Superfoods, Eating For Beauty, Amazing Grace, Naked Chocolate, and The Longevity NOW Program