Joanne Rullan

rex JoanneWhen my husband and I were first introduced to Saladmaster, I was amazed.  Not only by how great the food tasted, but also by the nutritious and healthy ways we can cook for our family.  This is truly a great cooking system and here is why.

Before seeing a show, both my husband and I were looking into getting gastric bypass surgery.  My husband and I have both tried Opti-Fast and Medi-Fast to help us lose weight.  But we used the surgery as our last resort, as this is not an option for us.  Then we were invited to a dinner show, and we were inspired and saw it as a blessing and message to us.  The food we tasted was awesome and it wasn't  seasoned or cooked in any oils at all.

Tracy Scheible

tracy scheibleI’m  writing to tell you about my experience buying my Saladmaster cookware. After our home demonstration, I wanted to be sure that I was making the right choice in purchasing the cookware. I don’t mind paying for quality and long as I’m sure I’m getting my money’s worth. I research everything I buy thoroughly, and this was no exception. 


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