Would you like to raise money for your non profit or school project?  

Call us at 858-433-0085 and we can put together a program for you to sell cooking class tickets and receive money for your fund raiser!  

It's our pleasure to contribute to a good cause. 

FREE Dinner Show

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We believe that good health starts in the kitchen with the right food choices and proper food preparation.  Our goal is to allow you to experience a great tasting, low calorie, heart healthy meal prepared fresh for you and your family. This meal is at no cost to you as a part of our promotion. There are no gimmicks or catches.  You will learn how to prepare a great tasting, low calorie, heart healthy meal in 1/2 the time for your family!  

We bring all the food, cook with you and your family and clean up!  It's a very FUN day in the kitchen.  

Call 858-433-0085 to find out more! 



Lunch & Learn

It is our pleasure to serve you a FREE LUNCH

Learn how to:

  •  Retain 93% NUTRITION & FLAVOR
  •  Help prevent dietary illness through proper food choices and preparation.
  •  LOSE WEIGHT, look & feel better!
  •  Cut your kitchen time in HALF.
  •  How to increase productivity in the office by reducing absenteeism 

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The Menu: Healthy & quick lasagna prepared in 5 minutes ready to enjoy 20 minutes later and a delicious five veggie salad.

The Time: 30 - 40 minutes for the entire show, cooking, preparation, education and fun! Plenty of time to enjoy the food!

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Team Building old

Our team building program is uniquely designed to bring your group together in the kitchen.  We include many different activities to bring TEAM together!  this is Kris

Activities you can choose from: 

  • Communication Exercises - your team will leave feeling they know each other more on a personal level
  • Acknowledgment Exercises -  This will help your team develop a skill of acknowlegement and empowerment. 
  • A fun exercise Color Analysis for Personality Profile - this will help your team learn how to work with each other more effectively. 
  • TEAM cooking - They will break into groups and prepare simple easy healthy dishes.  

Your group will have fun cooking amazing and delicious healthy food.  As you know, everyone always gathers in the kitchen.  Your team will leave knowing new healthy recipes and more about each other.  


Our team building program includes:

Healthy dishes, made simple and easy, by each team.    Each team member participates with a role in the execution of the creation of the dish and the team then presents the dish, with the nutritional content to the group.  In addition we have each team tell a food joke!  

salmon stockLasagnachocolate cake slicerainbow salad bowl yellowbroccoli

Delicious Simple Menu items: 

  • Healthy Delicious Lasagna 
  • Salmon Pesto, yum yum
  • Chocolate Cake with a Health Twist
  • Vegan Broccoli Salad
  • Chicken Limone
  • Menu is seasonal and special requests can be made.  We can customize a class based on your needs.  
  • Vegiterian and vegan options available


Packages can also Include  FREE cooking class tickets to upcoming classes.

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