Lunch & Learn

It is our pleasure to serve you a FREE LUNCH

Learn how to:

  •  Retain 93% NUTRITION & FLAVOR
  •  Help prevent dietary illness through proper food choices and preparation.
  •  LOSE WEIGHT, look & feel better!
  •  Cut your kitchen time in HALF.
  •  How to increase productivity in the office by reducing absenteeism 

Lasagna   rainbow salad bowl yellow

The Menu: Healthy & quick lasagna prepared in 5 minutes ready to enjoy 20 minutes later and a delicious five veggie salad.

The Time: 30 - 40 minutes for the entire show, cooking, preparation, education and fun! Plenty of time to enjoy the food!

Our focus is to bring Health Consciousness into the Kitchen And educate people on healthy eating & cooking habits using The right equipment and techniques.

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