Cooking Shows Testimonials

Happy Customers

Joanne & Rex Rullan

Before seeing a show, both my husband and I were looking into getting gastric bypass surgery.  My husband and I have both tried Opti-Fast and Medi-Fast to help us lose weight.  But we used the surgery as our last resort, as this is not an option for us.  Then we were invited to a dinner show, and we were inspired and saw it as a blessing and message to us.  The food we tasted was awesome and it wasn't  seasoned or cooked in any oils at all.

We believe in the product so much that  we purchase.  The first 2 months our family has lost a combined weight of 40lbs.  This is without exercising and without trying.  It  surprised our 15 year old daughter she lost 10lbs.  And she feels more energetic during the week while at school.

I have many chronic illnesses, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, allergies, cholesterol issues and shingles.  I recently had some blood tests done and my A1C levels have lowered from 8.6 (in March 2012) to 7.7 (in Sept 2012) to 6.6 (Feb 2013).  For me, this is a good sign that changing the way I have been cooking my foods has definitely helped me improve my medical conditions.  

So, is it worth the investment to eat healthier?   For me, it is PRICELESS!  My kids are able to eat more vegetables to get more nutrients.  We are eating much healthier than we've ever eaten before.  

My son, who is afflicted with a learning disability and Asperger's Syndrome, asked for the chocolate cake for his birthday.   I am always concerned for him to succeed in school.  I am proud  to say that I received a letter in the mail from the school that he made Principal's 1st Honors with a GPA of 3.5.

Joel & Joyce Schrum 

 My wife (Joyce) and I started attending cooking4life looking for ways to improve our health. It's been great and we have some new ideas for the kitchen. We love to share our new diet (palio) ideas with each other and we're learning to prepare new dishes to enjoy.

Rebecca S.

 They made great healthy meals in minutes for friends at my house and a group that now loves coming back over and over. Learn the difference of how to get more nutrition from your food and preparation and  cooking in less time. It's fun to go to the cooking classes and they teach your kids what they use to teach us in school. Great job guys!

If you meet them at an event just say "yes" to a show!  You will enjoy it! 

Irma C.

 This company has changed my life, and I couldn't be happier. I absolutely love my Saladmaster set, and it's by far the best investment I ever made.

Marcia has been the consultant that I've worked with, and we still keep in contact even after I've purchased my set. She's always super helpful, gives me great tips, and is always super nice.

I really like Cooking For Life because they offer free cooking classes, provide great customer service, and are group of fun people overall.

If you're a foodie, and you're looking for a more healthier way of cooking and lifestyle without doing the "fad" diets - this is definitely the cookware for you. Although a little expensive, it definitely pays for itself in so many ways.

Thank you!! 

Teresa G.

Ernest cooked for my family and was so great! At Open House, there's awesome food, awesome people and a TERRIFIC cooking system!!!!! I personally am down 22 lbs in just a little over 3 months

There are so many health benefits, it's just a no brainer! If you are health conscious and/or looking to change your eating habits but need a little guidance, I highly recommend contacting Cooking 4 Life. 

Once they opened my eyes to how I was preparing my meals for my children, and grandchildren, I was so embarrassed and shocked to say the least! I have learned so many health tips in an array of different topics but it all starts with what you eat and how you prepare your meals. We are truly blessed to have had a chance to learn of this great organization!! 

My name is Victoria Word. I work at the Del Mar Race Track for Premier Food Service. I was working a shift during the Kids Expo and while taking a quick walk around to see what products were being displayed, I spotted some stainless steel products that remind me of the cookware my parents bought in the 1950s. I asked if these products were made by Saladmaster. I recognized the salad grinder my mother used almost daily for coleslaw, carrots, etc. I was told, "yes, this is Saladmaster products." My mother, now 86 years old, still uses her pots and pans and has most of the accessories. She was told it was guaranteed for life. Well, I guess it is.