Lunch & Learn

Network Fleet



I was brand new at my company, only 2 weeks in, and was asked to help put together our company’s yearly Wellness Week.  I took a class at the Cooking 4 Life kitchen a few months before and thought that their Lunch and Learn program would be perfect for our staff.  How could we lose with a quick and healthy lunch brought right into our break room?  Cooking 4 Life brings education in several ways…preparing and cooking food and tips to eating healthier.  Our employees loved the show and the food and I got a huge pat on the back for finding such a fun and delicious activity! 


Thank you,

Shannon Pham


Networkfleet, a Verizon Company

Mended Hearts



Dear Scott and Melissa:

Thank you for your excellent presentation at our Mended Hearts Support Group Meeting this past Saturday.  Also thanks to Andrea and Stephanie for their contribution.

Melissa, I was impressed with the detailed nutritional information you provided and felt that you gave our members and guests much to think about on how to improve their diet and help themselves in the fight against heart disease and to stay healthy generally.  While some of us may feel we know the basics regarding nutrition you touched on so much more detail and demonstrated by preparing a delicious and nutritious healthy salad and lasagna right in front of us.  Thank you also for the handouts you provided.

Thank you again for your generosity and willingness to educate us.  Your dedication to healthy eating and preparation of it really came through!!  

Hope to see to in September at the AHA Heart and Stroke Walk.

Best Regards

Jill Bene
Assistant Regional Director
President Chapter 62, Mended Hearts, Western Region


University of Phoenix



Hi Scott,

Thank you so much! We had a great time and I really appreciate your team’s energy and enthusiasm! 

Thank you Cooking-4-Life for coming to our San Diego Campus to share some really valuable information on cooking and eating healthy along with some really tasty food!!!

Our staff had a fantastic time learning about cooking techniques which save time, help you eat cleaner, and help you prevent disease.  Our presenter and chef, Nick, was extremely engaging  and funny!


Everyone in the group was participating, laughing, and learning about living and cooking healthy.  Not only was the presentation fun and informative, but Scott, Melissa, and Nick really gave it a personal touch.  They greeted everyone in the room prior to the event, and afterwards were available to walk around and chat with team members who wanted to learn more.

Overall great experience, thank you to the whole team! 

-Jessica Smith

Campus Operations Manager, University of Phoenix