Lunch & Learn

Enjoy a FREE Lunch for your office



It is our pleasure to serve you, your staff and employees a COMPLIMENTARY luncheon!

 Learn how to:

  • Retain 93% NUTRITION  & FLAVOR
  • Help PREVENT dietary illness through proper food choices and preparation.
  • LOSE WEIGHT, look &  feel better!
  • Cut your kitchen time in  HALF.
  • How to increase productivity in the office by reducing absenteeism 

The Menu & Time


Healthy & quick lasagna prepared in 5 minutes ready to enjoy 25 minutes later plus  a delicious seven veggie salad.    

30 - 40 minutes for the entire show, cooking, preparation, education and fun! Plenty of time to enjoy the food! Approx 5-10 minutes for Questions & Answers

Our Promise


 Our focus is to bring health consciousness and nutrition awareness into the kitchen;  educate people on healthy eating & cooking habits using The right equipment and techniques.