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I attended a cooking class with my co-workers.  We were split into teams and each made a few dishes and presented them when we were done and all got to enjoy our healthy dishes together.  We all had a wonderful time, the staff were amazing, and we came away from it with a sense of camaraderie.  I would highly recommend this to other offices or groups!



regional engagement specialist




Dear Scott and Melissa,

My team enjoyed the cooking class and you really helped make it a " team builder ".

Everyone enjoyed learning about techniques for healthy cooking, preparing the meals, and learning how to use some of the nice cooking and chopping tools. It was nice how you had a good -sized team helping as I noticed everyone was engaged and asking a lot of questions about how to cook healthier using veggies and ideas for using different types of oils was of particular interest to me. 

Team 2 really liked the wine you provided...maybe a bit too much! : ) After the food was prepared and we waited for the food to cook the skits and acknowledgement exercise that you had the teams do really helped the teams learn a bit more about each other and at the same time enjoy themselves. Finally, the "piece de resistance" was

eating what they made. Totally delicious and healthy! Again, all had a good time and thanks so much for the enjoyable experience.

Steve Anderson Qualcomm

Director, Product Management  

School of Nursing at Point Loma Nazarene University



I just want to thank you so much for the amazing group building experience you provided for the faculty and staff of our School of Nursing at Point Loma Nazarene University. Each Fall as we close out summer and prepare for the new school year I do a surprise group building event for us. You provided great information as I was preparing and I so appreciate the way you custom tailored this to meet our group needs for time, space, dietary issues and education regarding healthy eating. It was an extra bonus that you have an RN on your staff who holds a CA BRN CEU License. Offering CEU's to our nursing faculty was a wonderful addition. The tips we learned, the opportunity to cook together, the guided table talk and presentations we had to work on together really lent to a positive group building experience.


Your mission of bringing health consciousness into the kitchen by educating people in healthy eating and cooking habits and in using the right equipment and techniques was definitely accomplished with our faculty and staff. What a wonderful way to launch our new school year together. I would highly recommend this to any group or organization looking for some hands on group building, education, and fun. Thank you so much.

Marsha Reece, BS, Program Coordinator Point Loma Nazarene University

School of Nursing